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The 15th Annual
NC Japan Festival Returns!
Organized by the Nippon Club of the Triangle and co-sponsored by the Town of Apex 

Saturday, October 1, 2022:  12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m.

 Apex Town Hall Campus and Community Center, Apex, NC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NC Japan Festival?   An annual event showcasing Japanese food, culture, tradition and entertainment in the Triangle Area.  This is the 15th year we are having this event.

When is this year's Festival?   Saturday, October 1, 2022, from 12:00 noon until 5:00 p.m.

Where is this year's Festival?   Apex Town Hall Campus, 73 Hunter Street, Apex, NC 27502.  PLEASE NOTE that this is a different and larger venue than the one we had in 2019 and previous years.

How much are tickets and where do I buy them?   Ticket prices for the 2022 NC Japan Festival are $10.00 per adult online in advance.  Children age 12 and under are FREE.  NO FEES - The Nippon Club will pay any and all ticketing fees this year.  So the price listed is the exact price you pay.  If you wish to purchase admission tickets in advance online, please click HERE.  Tickets will be limited to 1,500 tickets and will be sold first-come first served ONLY online in advance.  Online ticket sales will end when all 1,500 adult tickets have been sold.

Are there any discounts or refunds?  No.  Unfortunately, due to the high costs of holding this event we cannot offer any discounts or refunds for unused tickets.  Please note that this is a rain or shine event.  The Festival will take place even if it rains (unless the weather is severe).  No refunds will be offered for inclement weather or if the event must be canceled due to severe inclement weather.  However, in that event we can offer you receipts you may use to claim a tax deduction to charitable organizations.   

What forms of payment do you accept?   At the event, we accept payment for food and drink via cash or credit/debit card.  When ordering tickets online, we accept only credit or debit card payments.

I ordered admission tickets online.  How do I pick them up?   Tickets ordered online can be printed at home or work from the order confirmation sent to your email address or downloaded into your smart phone.  You must bring a printout of your tickets or digital download to your smart phone to enter the event.  Photo ID may be required to confirm the tickets are yours and not being copied or used by others.  Receipts cannot be accepted in lieu of actual tickets.

Are unused admission tickets refundable?   No.  All sold but unused admission tickets are non-refundable. 

How much cash should I bring and do you have an ATM onsite?   If you don't have a credit or debit card, you will need cash to pay for your food and drink purchases, and any purchases from our Community Market.  Checks are not accepted.  Even if you plan to use your credit or debit card at the event, you should still bring some cash.  Although our food and drink vendors will accept credit and debit cards, some of the other vendors and groups selling items in the Community Market may only accept cash.  If you need more cash after you arrive, there are ATMs at nearby banks.  

What food will you have and how much will they cost?   We will be serving more than a dozen delicious selections of traditional Japanese festival or "street" food, many of which cannot be found in your typical Japanese restaurant here in the USA.  Past selections included festival favorites such as yakisoba, takoyaki, ramen and kakigori.  Food prices range from $2 and above.  Click HERE after September 1, 2022, or a complete listing of all our food items and prices.

Do you have any vegan or vegetarian foods?   Yes, we will have several food items that are meat-free and should appeal to vegans and vegetarians.

What about food allergies?   We make no guarantees regarding possible allergens, as some of our items do include peanut oil or gluten ingredients.  For example, soy sauce is a common ingredient in Japanese food and does contain gluten.  Rice does not contain gluten, but sushi vinegar might (another common ingredient); so check the ingredients to make sure the vinegar is distilled from rice and not gluten grains.  If you suffer from food allergies, you should ask us before you purchase any food.  Some items such as matcha ice cream and kakigori snow cones should obviously be peanut and gluten-free.

What drinks will you have and how much will they cost?   We will have beer, soft drinks, Japanese tea and bottled water for our guests.  See our FOOD PAGE for more information.

Can I drink beer?   YES!  We will again be selling refreshingly cold Japanese beer.  Our beer sponsor, SAPPORO, will provide ice cold refreshing Sapporo Premium and Sapporo Pure.  To purchase or consume beer, you must be age 21 or over and show government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license, passport, green card, state ID card, etc.

Can I bring outside food and drink?   No, we and our co-sponsor do not allow Festival participants or attendees to bring any outside food or drink into the venue.  The only exception is nursing mothers who bring in baby formula.

Can I bring my pet dog, cat or orangutan?  Due to the number of people expected, service of food and alcohol, and live performances, the event is not appropriate for pets.  So, for the safety, convenience and enjoyment of our guests, pets are not allowed.  The only exception is trained certified service animals for the handicapped.

What cultural events and displays will you have?   We will have a variety of cultural events and displays hosted by various groups at their tables.  See our Culture, Program and Market pages for more information. 

What entertainment will you have?   We have a full schedule of performers to entertain you, including taiko drumming, bon odori dancing, martial arts demonstrations, and live Japanese choral music.  Click HERE to see our entertainment program.

Can I meet cute guys and hot chicks there?   Of course!  Just look for me.  Have fun, but don't try too hard or else our sumo security team will want to discuss manners with you. 

What sponsors and other groups will be there?   We will have numerous companies and other groups sponsoring and participating in the Festival.  Click HERE to see a listing of all our Corporate Sponsors and other participating companies and groups.

How do I become a sponsor and what are the benefits of sponsorship?    If you wish to become a sponsor for this or next year's Festival, please CONTACT US to discuss the opportunities and benefits.  The main benefit is public exposure and goodwill by having your name and logo seen by thousands of Festival attendees and visitors on our website and FaceBook page.

How can my company or group participate?   If your company, club or group is interested in participating in this or next year's Festival, please CONTACT US for more information.

Can I sell or display items in your Community Market?   We have many groups selling or displaying a wide variety of Japanese arts, crafts and other items in our Community Market.  Generally, most items should be Japanese or related to Japan.  If you are interested in selling or displaying items in this or next year's Festival, please CONTACT US for more information. 

How do I volunteer?   We are constantly looking for helpful volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering for the Festival, please visit our "Volunteer" page and CONTACT US via the form at the bottom of that page.

What are the benefits of volunteering?   Individuals who volunteer a minimum of four hours will receive free admission to the Festival, a free yakisoba meal, two free soft drinks and a T-shirt.  Volunteers also work with a friendly group of people in a fun environment and get to experience first-hand the culture, traditions, food and people of Japan.  Before, during and after their shift, volunteers can fully enjoy the Festival at their own leisure.  Volunteers perform a valuable community service, make great new contacts and learn new interesting things.  In some cases, student volunteers may receive credit or other benefits from their school or university.

I am cheap.  How can I get free tickets and food?   Other than by volunteering, there is only one other way.  You must sing a song by Pink Lady backwards while standing on stage clad only in a mawashi.

How do I get there?   Walk, run or drive.  For a map and driving directions, click HERE (go to bottom of page).

Where do I park?   There is plenty of free parking in and around the Apex Town Hall Campus and Community Center.

Who is organizing this event?   The Nippon Club of the Triangle.  Click HERE for more information about them.

How are funds from this event used?  Net profits earned from this event will be used by the Nippon Club for charitable purposes to further its mission, promote Japanese culture and education in North Carolina, and to strengthen relations and community ties between North Carolina and Japan.


Do I have to be Japanese to attend or enjoy this event?   Not at all.  In fact, most attendees are expected to be non-Japanese.  The only requirement is that you be a live human being.  No zombies please.

What is the big deal?  What is so special about this event and why should I go?   Sigh...  If you have to ask after all the above, maybe you should just stay home and play with your X-Box.

I had a great time!  Where can I learn more about future festivals and Japanese activities in the Triangle Area?   The organizer of this event, the Nippon Club of the Triangle, is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 to promote Japanese culture in the Triangle Area.  The Nippon Club holds 4-6 cultural events each year.  In addition to the annual NC Japan Festival - their biggest annual event - they organize or participate in a Shinnenkai New Year's party, Member's Day Picnic, Children's Day games, the Raleigh International Festival, and Mochi Pounding event.  The Nippon Club has six sub-clubs focusing on taiko, tea ceremony, bon odori dancing, mochi-tsuki, kendo and Japanese choral singing.  Click HERE to learn more about the Nippon Club or visit the NIPPON CLUB WEBSITE.  If you wish to become a member (free) and get on our mailing list so you can be informed of upcoming Japan-related events in the Triangle Area, please click HERE.  As for future Summer Festivals, bookmark this website and join our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Do you have any other questions?  Please CONTACT US.


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