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Organized by the Nippon Club of the Triangle

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NC Japan Summer Festival

July 18, 2020 (Saturday), 1:00-7:00 p.m. (hours are tentative and subject to change)

 Exposition Center, NC State Fairgrounds, Raleigh, NC

Avoid lines, save time & money, and enter two hours earlier!

Click HERE After April 1, 2020, to order discounted early admission tickets online.


Our delicious hot Japanese food offerings will include traditional festival favorites such as:*



oden bento

salmon bento

katsu curry


vegetable korokke


mitarashi dango

mochi ice cream 

monaka ice cream


Japanese bread

matcha with higashi

matcha kasutera

(* Menu is subject to change)

Food Vendors

This year we will again have professional outside food vendors to supplement food offered by the Nippon Club.  Vendors in 2019 included:


Got a sweet tooth?  We have treats for you!

Scrumptious matcha & mochi ice cream,

and the summer favorites -

fruit flavored kakigori shaved ice,

mitarashi dango... and more.


We have BEER!  Delicious refreshingly cold Japanese beer on tap was provided by our 2019 sponsor, Sapporo USA, offering its award-winning Sapporo Premium Lager and Sapporo Black.

For children, minors and those who prefer drinks without alcohol, we will serve soft drinks such as soda, fruit-flavored drinks, bottled water, and Japanese tea.