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NC Japan Summer Festival

July 18, 2020 (Saturday), 1:00-7:00 p.m.  (hours are tentative and subject to change

Exposition Building, North Carolina State Fairgrounds, Raleigh, NC

KARAOKE SINGERS WANTED!  See bottom of page for information

about our "Carolina Idol Japanese Karaoke Contest".

Bon Dance  盆踊り

No Japanese summer festival is complete without bon dancing, a traditional dance honoring one's ancestors.  Come join us in celebrating life and the gifts received from family, led by our Bon Odori Club.

Taiko  和太鼓

The exhilarating pounding of Japanese taiko drums is not to be missed.  Our own Triangle Taiko and Special Taiko will be performing.

Martial Arts  日本武道

Japan has its own unique style of martial arts.  Come see our Kendo Doshi Club demonstrate their techniques, and see demos by other local martial arts dojos such as karate, jujutsu, and iaido.


Live On Stage,

and more...

In addition to obon dancing, taiko drumming and martial arts demos, other entertainment will include live performances of Japanese pop music and karaoke.

KARAOKE!  Are you brave enough to show off your singing talent on stage in front of thousands of people? 

A limited number of slots are available for an American Idol-style karaoke show - in Japanese.  For more information, see below.



(2020 Program will be announced after April 1, 2020, and is subject to change)

11:00-11:30:  Japanese Background Music & Videos

11:30-11:40:  Kodomo (Children's) Mikoshi Parade

11:40-12:00:  Judo Demo by Bushido Judo School

12:00-12:10:  Tanabata Decoration Begins

12:10-12:30:  Music Show by Junko Fujiyama

12:30-13:00:  Bon-Odori led by Bon Odori Club

13:00-13:20:  Welcome Remarks

13:20-13:50:  Triangle Choir Club Performance

13:50-14:20:  Jujutsu Demo by Bujinkan Dojo

14:20-14:50:  Taiko Drumming by Triangle Taiko

14:50-15:20:  Bon-Odori led by Bon Odori Club

15:20-15:50:  Kendo Demo by Kendo Doshikai

15:50-16:10:  Music Show by Junko Fujiyama

16:10-16:20:  Kodomo (Children's) Mikoshi Parade

16:20-16:40:  Taiko Drumming by Triangle Taiko

16:40-16:50:  Tanabata Ceremony

16:50-17:30:  Bon-Odori led by Bon Odori Club

17:30-18:00:  Iaido Demo by Komei Jyuku

18:00-19:00:  Carolina Idol Japanese Karaoke Contest

                       Sponsored by Sapporo Beer

                       (Please contact us if you wish to sing)

19:00-19:00:  Closing

CAROLINA IDOL JAPANESE KARAOKE CONTEST:  Show off your singing talent before thousands of people in an American Idol-style karaoke competition sponsored by Sapporo Beer.  We are seeking brave talented vocalists to sing Japanese songs at this year's Festival and to compete for cash prizes.  After reading the CONTEST RULES, click HERE to signup and enter the contest.  This will open an email.  When signing up via this email please provide your full name (or the name of your group and everyone in it), first and second song choices, email address and phone number.